Tybee 5K

The great costumed race!  After weeks of thinking about what type of costume to wear and a few ideas thrown out by friends, I decided to dress up as a Colts football player since the Superbowl was the very next day.  I scoured the internet looking for white capri running pants to no avail…I finally was settling on the idea of wearing some white capri length sweat type pants.  I figured a little town like Salisbury, NC would not have anything in any of the three stores it has.  Still, I decided to head over to Marshalls(or TJ Maxx…one of those discount stores, can’t really remember now).  As soon as I walk to the exercise clothes I see hanging there…white capri running pants!  And they’re cute!  Like cute enough I’d wear them again!  I almost did a happy dance right there!  Then I headed over to the workout shirts and I found a blue golf shirt with a slight v-neck that had these slightly gathered sleeves that made it look kind of like padding.  I was stoked!  A quick trip to Wal-mart and I got some ribbons to make the arm stripes and some iron on paper to make the letters and the name.

So with a little work I went from this(sorry they’re a little blurry….i took them with my iphone to send to my hubby):


To this:


The shirt looks really dark in the pictures but it was actually blue!  I also had ribbons to put in my hair.  I was going to put blue stripes down the side of the pants but it didn’t work out.

The evening before the race I was driving from Salisbury to Savannah and concerned about it being too cold.  I had tried to go get some arm sleeves but they didn’t have any at the store(they’d all been taken down to the expo which I had missed) I raced over to Target and purchased a long sleeved white running shirt(I have one, however it was BURIED in one of the boxes jammed in my trunk!).  Race morning dawned chilly but not cold enough to need long sleeves for the actual race.  I wore a wind-breaker up until the race started and then dad lovingly carried it for me(awww….thanks Dad!).

I got up extra early to do my make-up.  I don’t normally wear any makeup when I run but since I was going in costume I wanted to look the part.  I used some sparkly glitter under my eyes to mimic the black that football players use.  I wanted people to understand I was wearing a costume!  LOL!!  Here’s a self portrait I took at the race start:

Tybee 5k 005

Dad and I headed out to the race and I snacked on some “trail mix” I threw together(almonds, walnuts, craisins and butterscotch chips).  We parked at a friend of my dad’s house and had about a 0.5-0.75 mile walk to the start.  The race start was right down by the lighthouse.  We took some time to stretch and walk on the beach(we had about 45 minutes to kill before the race started)

Tybee 5k 003Tybee 5k 006Tybee 5k 004Tybee 5k 008Tybee 5k 010Tybee 5k 007

I was very disappointed to see there were very few other people in costume. I saw 4 other people! That’s IT!! (a guy and a girl were wearing Minie and Mickey mouse ears and a pair of girls in Hawaiin skirts and coconut bras).  They even wrote about the lack of costumes in the newspaper article the next day!  Oh well.

We positioned ourselves about halfway back and hoped that there wouldn’t be too many walkers in front of us.  The race organizers got up and announced that while we were running the 5k there were soldiers in Afghanistan also running the Tybee 5k and half-marathon.  Some would be running it on treadmills and others on a trail accompanied by helicopter.  How cool is that?  When the “gun” went off, we had to walk to the actual start-so many people and so many walkers in front of us-ugh!. The first half mile or so was all congested and bottle-necked.  Dad and I were weaving in and out of people, jumping over sidewalks, ect.  It took a lot of energy out of us!  Mile one and two we did in around 8:30-8:45.  I was starting to get excited, thinking I was definitely going to make my goal of 27:00.  Then we hit the straightaway for the last mile and the wind picked up  A LOT.  I started hitting a wall of exhaustion(no doubt due to the fact that on Wednesday night before the race Saturday I had not slept AT ALL and hadn’t caught up on any sleep yet).  Not the “wall” that you hear of during marathons and long runs, but just feeling exhausted, like I could’ve laid down for a nap.  I ended up slowing my pace quite a bit.  Dad took some pics while we were running and they’re blurry because I didn’t change the shutter speed before we started

Tybee 5k 013 Tybee 5k 015 Tybee 5k 017 Tybee 5k 011

The race had a turn right about 3 miles that brought you into the finish line at 3.1 but right before that you had to run past the half-marathon start, which was pretty cool because they were about to start their race so they were cheering us all on.  Dad pulled away right about there and I made the turn into the last 0.1mile.  I ended up crossing the finish line a little after 28 minutes; I was disappointed but it was still a recorded PR(ie, I’ve done 5k’s faster just running around my neighborhood or the track but a PR for an actual race) as far as I know.  We then had a 1.5-2 mile walk back to the car.

All in all it was a really fun race. Did I meet my goal? Nope, but I’m happy with my time and I had a really fun time with my dad.  I’m hoping to come back next year and anhililate my time.

My chip time came out at 28:05.  I placed 16/151 in my age group(largest age group there!) and 270/1500.  I’m pretty happy with those statistics and hopefully next time I’ll do even better!


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