Race For Sight 5K

This is long overdue so let’s not waste anymore time and get to the good stuff!

I signed up for the race literally last second.  I had known about it but didn’t think that I’d be able to run it because I had already scheduled an appointment for Gracie to get spayed that morning that I couldn’t change without paying a fee.

On Wednesday before the race, the vet called and said they had an opening on Friday if I wanted to bring Gracie in then. It also happened that I didn’t have to go into work until later on Friday so I would have the time to take her, so I agreed.  This left me with a free Saturday morning so I was able to register for the race for sight.  I knew that a group from MacDill was also going to be running and we were supposed to get t-shirts but I never ended up getting mine…oh well!

I didn’t really do any prep and in fact ran 5 miles the day before the race and went out for my birthday with my roommate (only had 1 drink though).

Race morning dawned kinda chilly.  I ended up wearing capri running pants, a tank top and then a long sleeved tech shirt over it.  I made some toast with pb and pumpkin butter and headed off.  Luckily the race wasn’t too far from where I am staying…over in historic Ybor.  Easily found parking and walked down to the start to pick up my packet.  Ran into some MacDill people and saw a girl who I thought I recognized as a fellow running blogger(B.O.B).

The packet pick-up area was being staffed by employees of the races biggest sponsor…Best Buy…how funny!!  It’s a race for sight(my area!) sponsored by my husband’s company.  Anyhoo, took my packet back to the car and was disappointed to find out the race wasn’t chip-timed.

While waiting for the race to start I again saw girl blogger…I mustered up my courage and walked over to her and asked her if she was indeed the blogger.  She said yes, and we started chatting.  I also met another blogger whom I had read about but didn’t know he had a blog till that moment, so of course now I read his blog too(Captain nuts).  I totally felt like I was meeting celebrities!  LOL!!  They asked me what time I wanted and I responded with “Slow”, to which I was told, “slow is not a time”.  I randomly picked 28:00 minutes since that would be about what I got for my last 5k.  I was told that is NOT a slow pace.  Thanks for the ego stroking guys!

I lined up and we were off!  it was a pretty small race, maybe under 300 people so it probably only took me about 15-20s to cross the start line.  The weather was really perfect, cool, but not freezing.   I was really enjoying myself, not feeling like I was killing myself but keeping a good pace.  The course had two out and back’s so there were two times that you passed the faster runners coming back as you were going out.  It was during those times that I saw Dr. M. and my newly acquainted blogger friends and got to wave at them.  This gave me a little burst of energy and I kept right on trucking.

There were several parts of the course were I felt like I was running down a small incline which was pretty cool.  At one point I looked down at my watch and realized if I kept up the pace I’d PR which further motivated me!  I ended up crossing the finish line with B.O.B and Captain Nuts cheering me on and Dr. M waiting to give me a high-five.  I forgot to check the clock or turn off my watch…whoops!!  Luckily B.O.B had looked at the clock for me so she knew my time(lol…THANKS!!).  We had to write out times down on a slip of paper that was handed out…that’s how our time’s were recorded!  Anyways, my time was 27:49 which is a current PR by a whopping 15 seconds…LOL…still a PR though.

All of us MacDill people stuck around and got some food and then watched the awards ceremony.  Only one of our number won an award, but that’s okay..we still represented!

All in all it was a great race and it was my first race in which there were people cheering for me at the end(other than my dad of course in the couple of races we’ve run). Can’t wait till my next one to keep improving my times!!


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