Chasing 2:00:00: The Bluffton Half-Marathon

My first marathon I ran a 2:25:26.  I was under-trained and completely unprepared.  I had on a whim decided to train for a marathon using a 6 month training program and figured why not throw a half in there.  I didn’t do things the right way and I suffered from multiple injuries and pains.  Before the half, the longest I had ever run was 9 miles. I didn’t do much speed work and I ran my long runs entirely too fast for the pace I wanted to run at the race.  The fact that I even finished was a miracle.  I never completed the marathon due to all my injuries.

My second marathon I ran a 2:13:00.  I was much better trained for this race, but there was definitely room for improvement.  The first half of the race I was on par to get a sub 2:05.  Then my knee started killing me.  I pulled it together but could never get back to where I had been.  My training runs and 5k times indicated that a finish around 2:00:00 would be possible.  But it didn’t happen.  That was February of 2010.

Now 5 months later, the race bug has bit me again.  I’ve been on hiatus from running while I’ve been participating the DVD workout system Insanity.  It’s been great and I’m only 2 weeks from finishing the program, but I’m ready to start running again.  And not just running, but training for a race.

Enter the August Runners World. It has 10 week training plan to get a 2:00:00 marathon.  What ensued next was a search for a half that would take place ideally in November so that I could finish Insanity and then have a good month of getting back into running before hitting a training plan hard core.  This is when I stumbled across the Bluffton Half-Marathon which will held on November 13, 2010.

Bluffton is less than an hour from where I live and it’s the perfect timing in terms of training and weather(hopefully!), so here we go…..

Training will officially begin on September 6, 2010. I will be following the runner’s world plan from their August 2010 issue as much as possible, though I will be adding in some strength training workouts and easy cardio such as biking or swimming(blech…hate swimming).  You can follow along with my training on my Training(insert link) page.

If anyone out there wants to train for this or another half-marathon in your area with me leave a comment!!



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One response to “Chasing 2:00:00: The Bluffton Half-Marathon

  1. Kristin Baker

    I love runner’s world. Much props for such great times on the marathon. I’m glad you’re back, I missed reading your blog.

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