Holy Guacamole!

Avocados were 10/$10 at Kroger this week.  I love me some avocado on pretty much anything..even smoothies!  However, I do not love their typical price of at least $1.59 or more…nor do I love that they get brown so quickly.  But guess what….you can freeze ‘em if you mash them up before:

I just peeled them and mashed 9 of them together(I’m saving 1 to make an avocado smoothie) and then divvied the moosh between freezer safe bags.

Now all I have to do is let it defrost on the counter before use and I’ve got yummy avocado for spreading, making guacamole and more!  I’ve done it before and they stay beautiful and green.  Now of course you can’t do this with avocado slices just if it’s mooshed up.

You may now thank me profusely for this wonderful tid-bit of information.

This morning(or rather last night) I made vegan overnight oats introduced to me over at ohsheglows.  My oats consisted of 1/2 c. oats, 1 c. vanilla almond milk, 1 T chia and 1 t. vanilla extract.

In the morning I made chocolate peanut butter banana soft serve(1 frozen bannaner, 1 TB chocolate peanut butter, couple splashes almond milk+food processor…totally tasted like a wendy’s frosty only about 1,00,000 times more healthy…try it!) and put it on top with some home-made raw granola….

YUM!! It was like ice cream cake!  And totally portable:

I couldn’t finish it though!  Tomorrow I might try it again with less oats….

I’m currently putting together the finishing touches on my next training schedule that will include not ONE but TWO half-marathons and God-willing a FULL marathon…plus a Turkey Trot and the Savannah River Bridge Run…..GULP!!

Stay tuned for a deliciouso recipe for home-made RESSES PEANUT BUTTER CUPS!!

Did I just drool a little?

Ps-I’m a little lonely because the folks are on vacation in North Cacalacky and hubby’s still in Lauderdale 😦  This weekend we’ll all be back together!  Woo!

Pps-the pics were taken with my iphone 3gs so please excuse the not so great quality



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