The Great U-Haul Debacle

Back in June, the hubby and I rented a Budget truck and moved about half of our apartment up to Savannah.  We left the big pieces that were too heavy for me to carry and things he would need while still staying in Lauderdale.

Last weekend he was to make the move with the rest of our stuff.  We had problems with Budget(they didn’t have the right size of truck we reserved or the car dolly), so we tried U-Haul.  Everything seemed good at first.  They have a system where they check to see where the equipment you reserved is available and tell you to pick up at that location.  So far so good.  Hubby says the actual picking up of the truck went smoothly.

As did loading, though the supposed 14 foot truck was significantly smaller inside than the Budget truck of the same size and he had to throw away some things that just wouldn’t fit.

Moving on, hubby left on Sunday after lunch with the intention to arrive in Savannah on Sunday evening.  He had not been traveling more than 1.5 hours when the truck began to make, as he describes it, a “sputtering” noise and then it just stopped running and would not start.  He called the emergence roadside assistance and they took their sweet time arriving.

They examined the truck and deemed it un-fixable at that time.  So they towed him to a hotel and said they’d bring a new truck and transfer our stuff the next morning….

They didn’t show up until 12 noon on Monday.  When they came with the second truck hubby noticed that the check engine light was on and the maintenance log indicated that there had been no maintenance to the truck for almost a year.  But what could he do?

After the transfer was complete hubby got on the road again, this time for only about 2 hours before he had a blow-out on one of the tires.  Again, pull to the side of the road, call for help, wait for help, ect…..

The mechanic who came to change the tire pointed out to my hubby that all the tires were BALD and said it was inevitable that he would’ve had a blow-out and he might have another one before arriving in Savannah!  He recommended that hubby not drive any faster than 50mph to avoid heating up the tires too much……

Hubby got back on the road and started feeling nervous driving on BALD tires….THEN the truck started making the SAME EXACT noise the first one did before it broke down.

Hubby was really nervous by this point so he tried calling U-Haul to see if something could be done BEFORE he a.)had another blow-out, b.)had a major wreck because it was threatening to rain(and rain+bald tires=bad times) or c.) the darn truck broke down again and he was stuck on the side of the road after 7pm(when all the U-Haul service centers close)

He was hung up on no less than 5 times by U-Haul’s supposed “customer service”.  So he called me and asked if I would mind trying to get through to them….I was also hung up on at least 5 times, telling my story each time.  With the 5th time I gave the lady my phone number and asked her to call me back if we got disconnected…she never did….and I heard her laughing and chatting with her friends in the background while I was telling my story.

Just when I was about to give up(after having been on the phone for over an hour getting NOWHERE) I finally reached a representative who was helpful and didn’t hang up on me.  Unfortunately, U-Haul’s corporate policy is basically, if you can start the truck and it moves and there’s big pieces falling off, no matter how unsafe it is to drive, you have to keep driving it OR you, the customer have to pay for the repairs!!

They wouldn’t do anything for us until hubby broke down or got into an accident.  No preventative care for those trucks!

No thanks to U-Haul, hubby finally made it to Savannah more than 36 hours after he left Ft. Lauderdale(should’ve been a 7 hour trip!).

Clearly, U-Haul does not value customer safety, customer service or truck maintenance.  Please STAY AWAY from U-Haul.  Learn from our mistake and don’t put your life in jeopardy by driving a poorly maintained truck!!



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