Lyric of the Day


I’ve decided to add something to my blog, I like to call the lyric of the day….I have a long commute(1+hour each way) so I listen to music.  Whenever I hear a song lyric that speaks to me that day I will be sharing it with you at the end of my posts.  Sometimes I might center a whole post around a lyric…other times they might sit on their own giving you something to think about!

In other news, life has been busy as usual and I have found myself with less time to workout than I would like.  But that’s real life!  Sometimes we don’t have the time or energy to workout…and guess what?

IT’S OKAY!  For years, I would mentally punish myself if I missed a workout!  Then the next day I’d do double or triple workouts to “make it up”…..and to what end?  Was I really making that much of a difference if I was so exhausted from workout #1 that workout #2 or #3 suffered as a result?

In learning to trust myself, I am learning not only to trust that my body will fuel itself properly when I follow my true hunger cues, I am also learning when to take rest, even if my *training* plan doesn’t call for a rest day.  I used to fret that if I stopped working out, even for a day, I’d revert to a couch potato overnight.

You will not get a reward if you have perfect workout attendance.  No monuments will be built in your honor.  If you are tired, take a break.  Or do something less strenuous.  Repeat after me: rest is good.  Rest is when my body makes changes.

Play hard, rest harder..;-)


“Isn’t it love to look down from the sky, see Your only Son on the cross asking why, and somehow let Him die that way and not call the whole thing off?”……Andrew Peterson


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