The 1 Hour Workout

In addition to running, I’ve been hitting the gym about 2 times/week for some lifting.  I go with my parents to their gym(hey, don’t judge…free is free….plus they drive which after all the driving I do commuting…I like to ride!) and they like to go exactly 1 hour before closing because basically no one’s there and they can do what they want and not have to wait.  So I have ONE hour in which to a full body workout and get in a quick sweat session of cardio.

So without further ado, I present to you the 1 hour full body+cardio workout:

2 minutes: Stretch

13 minutes: Tabata Intervals on the Treadmill(or whatever cardio equipment you’d like to use): 5 minute warm-up at your normal pace;  20s of balls to the walls fast as you can go followed by 10s of recovery x 6; 5 minute cool down at normal pace

Lookie there, your cardio is already done…you should be dripping in sweat and sufficiently exhausted.  Trust me, you don’t need more cardio than that when you’re doing Tabata’s.

Now let’s move on to the remaining 45 minutes.  This is what I typically do, but feel free to insert or change a particular body part to a move you want to do(ie, maybe you want to do tricep extensions instead of dips).  Also I did anywhere from 8-12 reps in each set

2 sets of squats superset with 2 sets of deadlifts(25 calf raises in between each set)

3 sets of Chest Presses(dumbells or bar bells)

3 sets of leg raises in the “captain’s chair”

3 sets of seated rows

3 sets of pushups

3 sets of incline sit-ups

3 sets of lat pull-downs with reverse grip(chin-up grip)

3 sets of hammer curls superset with 3 sets of bench dips

3 sets of shoulder presses

3 sets of bicep curls using the straight bar superset with 3 sets of tricep pushdowns

3 sets of leg presses superset with 3 sets of calf raises

3 sets of upright rows


Viola…you are done!  In and out in 1 hour and sufficiently worked out!!


” ‘Safe? Of course he isn’t safe…but he is good and he’s the king…’  Jesus is not safe, He is not manageable , but He is good, and He is the King”……Derek Webb(The House Show)


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