I like it Raw

Food that is…..

On my journey towards a healthier mind/body/food connection I have been exposed to the ideas of eating raw.  About 2 months ago I decided I wanted to experiment by going nearly raw* for 30 days to see if the big claims about a raw diet were true.

This big experiment happened to also coincide with moving to Savannah, getting licensed, starting a new job, ect, ect, ect.  I didn’t end up completing the challenge.  Said I’d do it again someday when life was more settled.

Life’s not more settled now…if anything it’s MORE crazy….so I’m not going the whole hog(haha) and starting the challenge again…nah…what I’m talking about now is making the conscious choice to incorporate MORE raw foods into my diet.

I have to admit, my eating habits haven’t been stellar as of late….lots of chips, desserts and other things…and I can tell my energy levels and generally well-being is suffering.

One thing I’ve really been missing from days of trying the raw food is my daily juices….mmm…those were sooo energizing and refreshing…I honestly felt like I could *feel* the nutrients seeping into my body as I sipped.

My goal is to have at least one raw food item at each meal and have at least one meal or snack per day that is 100% raw.

So today my eats will look something like this:

Breakie: smoooothie(it was so smooth it deserved extra ooo’s)made with almond milk, pineapple(raw), strawberries(raw), avocado(raw)

Morning snakie: granola

Lunchie: whole wheat vegan pasta with tofu “ricotta”, tomatoes and tofu cheese, big salad with nuts, sundried tomatoes, other veggies(raw)

Snack: almond milk+amazing grass(raw), pineapple(raw)…counting this as my 100% raw meal even though my almond milk isn’t raw but close enough!

Din-Din: Dinner out with the family….maybe some salad or something will be raw….but if not that’s A-OK

See, not going for 100% or even close…maybe 30-50% and I’ll be happy.  I’ll let you know how it goes as the weeks pass and hopefully I’ll be able to share some yummy recipes!

*raw being defined as food not cooked above 118 degrees F


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