Welcome Home

I have been noticeably absent from the blog recently…..But I have a good reason for that:

Hubby and I are now homeowners!  After lots of drama and lots of work we have purchased our first house.  It’s in a lovely neighborhood much closer to my work than my parents home.  The home is 4 bedrooms/3 bathrooms +bonus room and we just looove the floorplan.

The best part is, our mortgage is about the same as our rent was on our apartment in Florida(not counting tax breaks!)….Thank you Georgia for your affordable housing!

So please come on in and take a tour with me(once we get all our furniture placed and decorative stuff up, I’ll re-post a tour)!

Entry way: to your immediate left is the dining room, straight ahead leads into the living room and the stairs lead up to two guest rooms, the laundry room, the master and the bonus room.

Dining room with wood floors, eventually we’d like to have wood floors throughout the house and put wainscoting on the walls in here.

Living room: we’d like to put in a (chimney-less)fireplace in this room and hang a flat screen tv on the wall….someday…..

Kitchen…GRANITE COUNTERTOPS!  I’m soo excited about this after the terrible, horrible no good very bad countertops we had to deal with in our apartment.  Trust me, they were the worst possible countertops ever.  I don’t know what they were made of but everything stained them and you’d have to scrub with bleach to fade the stain….then eventually the coating on them started wearing off…nightmare…..

Bonus room: aka man cave, aka the theatre room….this is hubby’s domain….there’s a little nook with another window to the left in this room

Master bedroom; it’s so HUGE compared to what we’ve had in our apartment. I have pictures of the other two guest rooms, but they are too shadowy.  Also no pics of the bathrooms…sorry…lol

Backyard….it looks micro if you just look at the grass…but it includes the grass, the nature area, the grass beyond that and the nature area beyond that….it’s a huge lot!

Thanks for touring the house with me…see you again with pictures after we get all set up inside!




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3 responses to “Welcome Home

  1. kdbaker05

    Congrats! It’s very cute…I absolutely LOVE it!

  2. wow, i LOVE the house!! (hiiii, its meee, gfraast from the MFH boards!!)

  3. Sylvia

    Veryy beautiful house! Congratulations 🙂

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