Just say Ommmm……

I want to post more…I really do but I just haven’t had the time nor the internet access to do so.  Every weekend for the past three weekends has been taken up with moving and now we’re fairly settled in the new house….but….no internet….and they can’t come out till NEXT FRIDAY…so another week and a half of no internet/tv/phone.  I sometimes can access an unsecured network of our neighbors, but not all the time and never for enough time to post…..

Right now I’m at work and crossing my fingers that the connection lasts through the end of this post!  Some days I have a decent connection all day and then others I can’t get online at all(at work I mean). So bear with me right now till I get more settled and start posting more regularly.

So, moving(no pun intended!) on….I like yoga….I’d like to become more proficient at it.  I used to regularly practice yoga about 3 hours/week a few years ago.  I felt that it helped my anxiety a lot and made my running easier/better.

I would love to actually attend classes at a yoga studio, but right now that’s not feasible financially or time-wise.  So it’ll have to be DVD’s and podcasts for me, and maybe the occasional class at the Y.

Even still, time is a major factor. With working fairly long days and a long commute(50 minutes each way without traffic) plus making time for running and lifting weights, well, there’s not a lot of time left for yoga.

Then I had a brilliant idea….I have an hour lunch; sometimes longer than an hour if I get done with my patient’s early….I am always looking for things to do on my lunch break so I’m not just sitting around the office bored….

There’s not a whole lot to do around the ‘Boro…just a few shops and a “mall” that is really just Belk and JC Penney.

So I decided yesterday, my lunch hour would be the perfect time to practice some yoga!  I brought in my yoga mat and a yoga outfit which I will leave at work and every day I’ll take about 20-30 minutes of my lunch hour to do some gentle yoga in my office with the door closed(nothing so strenuous as to make me sweat so that I don’t need to shower and can use the same outfit everyday for a week).  Then I will still have time to eat and run a quick errand if necessary.

I also want to find a 10 minute routine for waking you up and getting you started in the am to do every morning and a chill out get ready to sleep one to do before bed.

Today was my first day doing office yoga!  I had not been able to download a podcast or unpack any of my DVD’s so it was literally me piecing together poses in a semi-random order. I say semi because I did try to group types of poses together, ie, I started with strength poses(warriors, downward dog, chatarunga, ect) then a section of balance poses, then a section of floor work and then savasana.  Felt GOOD! I didn’t have a good soundtrack either….rain sounds was the best I could find on my ipod…LOL….

I did have a candle burning and the lights off(using only a lamp to create the right “mood”) so that was nice.  But I have to admit, I felt a little awkward and I tensed up a little any time I heard someone walk by my door, afraid someone might burst in when I was in a funky or embarrassing pose!  I think as I continue I’ll get more confident and won’t let little things distract me(or at least I hope I won’t!)

Even without giving it my full “Mental” attention I do feel very relaxed and centered right now.  I will keep ya’ll updated with my progress of daily yoga!


“Take the time, think it through, 30 coins can bury you”-Caedmon’s Call



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