Knowing your limits

Awhile back I wrote a post about my goal of training for and running a 2 hour half-marathon(see post here). When I wrote this post, I had taken a 2 month break from running to do the DVD workout Insanity. Because Insanity is based around high-interval cardio drills I assumed that I would be able to either maintain my fitness level for running or even surpass it. I fully expected to return to running, as strong or stronger and faster than I had been before the break.

Based on my pre-Insanity running fitness, I was right on track to train for an run a 2 hour marathon. However, in spite of spending two months doing Insanity full tilt, I have found that my running is not where it was when I started Insanity, not even close. I would say I have been set back at least a year in terms of pace and endurance; in other words about 1-2 minutes slower/mile and only able to run distance-wise about 1/4 of what I could pre-Insanity.

In light of this I have realized that I am not physically ready for the demands of training to run a 2 hour half. I do not have the speed at which I would need to be able to maintain to properly train. That’s not to say that I won’t be training for the race at all: I just have to re-think my goal time!

In addition, I have realized over these past few weeks of building my base up again, that due to my schedule and my propensity for injury, I really needed to scale back the FREQUENCY with which I ran. Running 5-6 days/week just doesn’t seem to work for me. I start feeling overwhelmed and things just spiral out of control from there. A quick perusal of the internet later and I found a 3 day/week training program from Runner’s World. The plan has you doing three important runs per week(intervals, tempo and long) and no fluff runs; instead you cross-train two days/week which will leave me some time for biking and/or weight lifting.

I’d love to have been able to train for and run this race at a 2:00 hour pace. And I could’ve tried: double runs, pushing myself too hard, ect, ect, ect, but in the end I had to take a long look at myself and come to terms with the fitness level I currently am and make a hard decision based upon that.

So good-bye 2:00:00; maybe next time!


“What looks like weakness is strength; What looks like foolishness is understanding..” Derek Webb


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