Weekend Update #2

Is it seriously Monday already?  I can’t believe how quickly the weekends go by!

Had a great weekend once again!  Friday night hubby and I met my folks at Moe’s(welcome to Mooee’s…can’t say Moe’s without thinking that…you can thank me later!) for some tasty Art Vandalay buritos(I had mine streaker style, no cheese, lots o’ veggies) and then did some MORE shopping for the house(will it ever end?)

Hubby headed home and I went with mom and dad because dad and I were running a race the next morning(look for that update coming soooooon….)  My sister and her boyfriend arrived sometime after10pm and we all crashed into bed. 

After the race dad and I hit the farmer’s market and bought lots of fresh cheap organic veggies(red pepper were $1 each…can’t beat that!) and headed home for showers/breakie. 

Got some sad news on our way home….Hubby’s aunt who had been battling cancer for many years had passed away in the night…Thoughts/prayers to the family

J(sister’s bf) and Dad headed out for lunch a bit later and to duh duh duh have the TALK(ie, J asking Dad for permission to ask T, my sister, for her hand in marriage).  Us girls headed to the mall for some coffee, shopping and talking! 

In the late afternoon we met Alain at church for worship then everyone headed to our house for pizza and a movie.  Naturally I fell asleep before the movie was even half over.

Sunday am we were up early and came back into town, stopping at Kroger for groceries and then heading on to mom and dad’s for the big Sunday breakfast(that is rapidly becoming a tradition).  Hubby headed for work and the rest of us(plus dogs) headed to Forsyth Park to walk around. I took some more pictures, which I will feature in a future post, for an art project I am working on to decorate a wall in our house! 

Here’s a preview:

Hubby got sent home from work early so he could be with family during this time of grieving.  He met up us up at Mom and Dad’s about the time we all returned from the park.  We watched some football and left around the same time J and T headed back to SC.  Coming home meant chores for me(whoo…not…) plus an unscucessful attempt at a nap….

Made a very tasty dinner of grilled(ableit on the cuisinart griddle…lol) veggies and home-made vegan sourdough bread and then crashed on the couch to watch the Dolphin game. 

A very full but satisfying weekend….and next weekend looks just as busy! 


"Forgiveness doesn’t come with a debt.."….Mary Chapin Carpenter

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