Armstrong Atlantic Pirates on the Run 5k

My first 5k of the fall running season!  It’s been months since my last race.  Dad and I did this race together(always the best when I can run with my daddio).

I had no expectations for this race.  My slow plodding has gotten even slower and I was truly anticipating a PW(personal worst).  I made sure to leave Diesel(gps watch) at home so I wouldn’t berate myself for my slow pace or freak out when the course differed from truly being 3.1 miles.

Despite having over a week of 67-69 degree mornings, race morning dawned mid 70s(groan).  This is not the hottest weather I’ve run a race in, but it would’ve been nice to be a little cooler.  Also it was about 110% humidity.  And the race didn’t start till 0800(according to the registration website, but reality…well, read on) so it was kinda sunny out…not great conditions for a race when you’re already slow-as-molasses….

Arrived a little early and walked around Forsyth Park(home of *the* fountain they show in nearly all spreads of Savannah).  There were no port-a-poties at the race start and as per my usual for any race, my bladder was in hyper-drive.  At some point I turned to my dad and said, I wonder if I have time to go to the other side of the park and use the restroom?  Neither of us had a watch so we asked a friendly police officer the time…0800….hmmm…and people weren’t even lining up..

Not even 30s later the race director cued up her microphone and gave the usual good morning how ya’ll doing so good to see you out here supporting this race talk and mentioned we were right on track for the 0815 start…whaaa?  where did 0815 come from?

At least I had time to go to the restroom!  Apparently Dad and I were the only ones who DIDN’T get the memo that the race *actually* started at 0815 because we passed hordes of people walking towards the race “area” while heading for the potties.  Live and Learn.

The potties were quite scary and porta-potties are known to be.  There was a cup of McD. coffee in mine.  I can only surmise that someone was drinking it, strolling around the park and realized, hmmm…gotta go, walked into the porta-pottie and looked down at their hand still gripping the coffee and said, “well that was a bad decision” and left the coffee in there.  I don’t want to know of any other reason it might be in there.

Moving on….

We lined up and the gun bullhorn went off signalling the start of the race.  20 seconds later we crossed the start.  The race was theoretically chip timed, which I say because my chip time and my clock time were exactly the same…

The first mile was around Forsyth park, about half-way around dad said, I wonder if it’s a full 0.5 mile around the park or do we lap it at the end….on the other end of Forsyth Park we crossed the 1 mile marker…wait, what?  Where did that mile go?  I seriously think the race was short….or I was running pretty dang fast for me(we did a sub-9 minute mile the first mile according to the clock that I could see as we looped by the start….)….

From there I started to get reaaallly worn out and hot and sweaty and blech I wanted to be done….Being out of running for awhile I’ve lots my pacing ability and wasn’t able to tell that I was starting off too dang fast and would burn out before the race was over.

I kept getting slower and slower and slower and dad was getting further and further ahead and kept having to slow down for me….I kept apologizing for being so SLOW!

A couple of times if dad hadn’t been around I’d have walked(as did some of the runners around me who didn’t have such motivating running partners).

Even with my fast first mile I felt like I had slowed down so much that I would still get a PW and a slower than 31:00 minute time….Imagine my shock and surprise when we cruised limped across the finish line at 29:29(there was no last 100m sprint at this race!)

We finished 123 and 124 out of 249 runners(I always strive to be in the top 50%…so yay me!).  I was 7/21 in my age group and dad was 2/4 in his….I guess we should’ve stayed around for the awards ceremony!

Best post-race food ever goes to this race who commissioned a local ice cream palor to create a unique flavor of dairy free sorbet to give out to race participants!  It was exactly what I needed…creamy, fruity and most importantly COLD! I tasted pinapple, coconut and raspberry…hmmmmmmm……

The best part of the race was finding out about a race in October that is a type of race I have been DYING to do for ages now….


It’s 23/Oct on Parris Island and Dad and I are going to do it!




“I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race” 2 Tim. 4:7



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2 responses to “Armstrong Atlantic Pirates on the Run 5k

  1. awesome report, thanks for sharing!! i’m already curious to hear about your mud race!!

  2. kdbaker05

    Oooh ooh, I can’t wait for pics of the mud run! Congrats on the race time.

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