Celebrating Life

My husband’s Aunt passed away on Friday after a long battle with cancer.  She was a remarkable woman who remained positive despite her illness.  She had tons of hilarious stories, which often centered around the foibles she encountered due to the fact that she had been blind since childhood.

I don’t remember all the stories, but one sticks out in my mind….Her BLIND Date.  I don’t know all the circumstances surrounding this encounter but someone…friend, family member, I’m not sure….set her up to go on a date with someone she had never met, known world-wide as a blind date.

Upon arriving at said date the datee’s came to the realization that this date was blind in more ways than one…both attendees were themselves blind but those responsible for the arrangement of said date had neglected to tell either party of the other’s visual status.

Now by and by they finished their meal and decided they wanted to continue this date at a different location.  Apparently the male member of this little pairing was the “less blind” of the two and it was decided that HE would “lead the way” to their next location….giving a whole new meaning to the statement, “the blind leading the blind”.

Double white canes out and they were off….His “less blind” status was soon to be tested when his lack of visual perception caused hubby’s Aunt to run smack dab into a light pole(or something like that…just work with me here, it’s been awhile since I heard the full story)

Another story that makes me laugh doesn’t directly involve his Aunt, but took place at her house while they were visiting her and it directly involves hubby so here we go:

Hubby was about 2 or 3 years old and momma and daddy hubby, +sister and hubby had gone to visit Aunt C. Aunt C had a beautiful brand new white couch in her basement. Said couch was admired by all and the grown-ups retired to a different room for relaxing and doing grown-up things.

By and by, it was noted by all that it was rather quiet and someone asked when was the last time little hubby had been seen?

Search dogs may have been called out but eventually hubby was found in the basement with the *red* couch…whoops…did you read that right….*red couch*….look back up a few sentences and you’ll see that in fact the original color of the couch was not red, but in fact white….

Little hubby had found a can of paint and had made short work of painting the couch, as it were, red.  Now, momma and daddy hubby were not exactly what you would call “made of money”, so replacing the couch was out of the question.  I believe it was thrown out there that since Aunt C was blind, would it really matter?  Though that statement was quickly vetoed by momma hubby.   The couch was eventually returned to it’s white state after daddy hubby cleaned and cleaned it….


Well, there you have it; I hope telling some funny stories about a wonderful lady is the way she would’ve wanted herself remembered.

I would like to take this time to celebrate my life and all the things I am grateful for:

My hubby, my parents, my in-laws, all my grandparents; the fact that I am surrounded by long-lived happy marriages on all sides(all parents and living grandparents are still married), my sister, my dogs, my job, my new house, the fact that I live in the USA, Jesus, my health

“Lay down softly, in our sorrow; lay down sister to die. Cover over, my Sweet Father, cover over her eyes.  Your broken body, it cannot weather, the years your youth still longs to spend, so go down graceful, sleep with the angels and wake up whole again…..But the finest moment, no man can measure is to look your Savior in the eyes”….Bebo Norman


“This is not the end here at this grave; this is just a hole that someone made. Every hole was made to fill and every heart can feel it still, our nature hates a vacuum.  This is not the hardest part of all; this is just a seed that had to fall. All our lives we till the ground until we lay our sorrows down and watch the skies for rain.  There is more, more than all this pain; more than all the falling down and the getting up again.  There is more, more than we can see from our tiny vantage point in this vast eternity; there is more”….Andrew Peterson


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