Fresh Month…Fresh Outlook

Happy October Everyone!

My favorite time of year has always been from October 1-December 31.  Though it’s been  a long time since I’ve lived in a location that actually *had* a fall(the exception being last year when I got to enjoy some fall weather in NC) I love the IDEA of fall and all the things that go along with it.  Plus this time period contains my two favorite holidays(Halloween and Christmas….bet you thought I’d say Thanksgiving!).  And when I was in school(which was the past 23 years of my life!) this meant several three day weekends and Christmas Vacation!

Living in Florida, this time also meant that there was the possibility of having days where the temperature DOESN’T reach 90+ and the humidity stays at a normal level.

I love the colors of fall and of Christmas: the deep reds, crisp oranges, browns and greens, reds and silvers.  I love the smells of fall: cinnamon, pumpkin, fresh breads baking, crisp cool air. And those of Christmas: chocolate, mint, pine(plus all the smells of fall that are still around). I love the flavors of fall and Christmas(which coincidentally are the same smells I love!

(and PS…I know that fall *technically* started in September but for me, it doesn’t *feel* like fall till it’s October)

For me, the start of October and MY Fall has signaled a transition to a new period of life; ie a fresh start.  It may not make sense to you but just go with me here.

This year I feel like I need a new start more than ever.  August and September were just over-taken with: starting new jobs for both hubby and I; moving to GA; buying a new house; moving into said house; getting said house into a live-able condition.  With all that activity I let my personal activity(ie, running and lifting weights) dwindle.  I also found myself reaching for more junk food than normal; eating larger servings of things than normal(ahem…a full bag of blue corn chips in 1 week: that’s 10 servings people)*.


As a direct result my motivation took a nose-dive; my exhaustion levels sky-rocketed and I have found myself a flabby crabby naggy(threw that one in for hubby’s benefit) person.

I want to look forward to working out again(instead of hiding under the covers and hoping it won’t find me!)……

“Eight minutes(of working out); That’s all it takes!..Just 8 minutes!!….Yeah, can you make it no minutes?  Cause right now I’d just don’t feel like it….and later I’m not going to want to….”….Jim Gaffigan

So it’s time to say hello to fall and say good-bye to excuses and bad attitudes(and hiding under the covers!).  It’s time to get up early and get those workouts in!  Pump that iron; run those miles!

The cool fronts have started to arrive so I really have no excuse now!

Making fitness a priority=a happier, healthier(less flabby, less crabby, less naggy) Me and I’m sure that’s something that all(but particularly hubby) will appreciate!

Anyone else have a crummy summer in terms of finding time to workout and now are looking around for their motivation(if you find mine please send it to me UPS; I’ll write you a check 😉 )


“I heard it takes forever to grow a woman from the ground”…Chris Thile

*For the record, I am not AT ALL planning on going on any kind of a diet. I’m strictly talking about making better choices, such as eating only 1 serving of chips at a time…not two or three! And eating more fruit and vegetables for snacks as opposed to processed junk food.


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