Weekend Update #3

Howdy Folks!

How was your weekend?  Mine was fab!  Friday night was spent as per our usual(and quickly becoming tradition):  dinner out with the folks(only this time it was just mom as dad was playing tennis) and then some shopping for the house.

Saturday ushered in fall-like temps(lows in the 50s; highs in the 70s..*love*) so dad and I took full advantage of this and woke up early to run around the marsh(about 4 miles).  After breakfast, the four of us headed over the house we are painting and hubby and I got the majority of one side of the house completely painted with blue(now to go back and paint the trim!) Mom and dad worked on one of the dormers; the house is really starting to come together now…soooo excited to see it when it’s all done!!

Hubby and I made a scrumptious lunch of stir-fried veggies and veggie burgers then headed off to our house.  I spent the afternoon cooking for Sat night while hubby did some chores and watched college football.  Church was awesome!  They had an inflatable pool with stairs leading in and out of it in the sanctuary and they asked anyone who wanted to be baptized right then to come forward.  Very moving; don’t think there was a dry eye in the house!

One of hubby’s friend’s from work was there and went forward to get baptized so we invited him home for dinner after church.  At home, hubby gave the house tour and mom and I worked on getting dinner together.  I made fancy grilled "cheese" sandwiches(basil zucchini herb whole wheat herb bread, pesto , mozzarella *cheese*, tomatos and spinach)inspired by Mama Pea and spinach artichoke dip….alll homemade and vegan…oh yeah….plus peanut butter blondies(also vegan) for dessert…..everyone went to town and said the food was delicious.  I’m sorry there are no pictures but again…broken camera situation….I need to take hubby’s point and shoot cause I don’t think he uses it anymore since he’s not doing car audio right now……

We played some games and then everyone crashed!  Dad and I woke up early on Sunday and ran around the lake then hubby and I made the big breakfast(no pancakes this time though….pumpkin cinnamon rolls….*yum*).  After the obligatory weekend trip to Lowe’s we did some minor painting and repair work around the house. 

Mom and dad left in the early afternoon and we spent most of the day relaxing.  I undertook a major project for dinner(didn’t think it’d be that bad actually)….making ravoli.  The making of the dough, the stuffing of the dough into the ravoli’s were all easy.  It was rolling out that dang dough thin enough then cutting the shapes out…gah…I was seriously sweating!  But it turned out all right though I was a bit unhappy with the flavor of the filling(butternut squash, goat cheese, onions and sage).  The sage was just off putting to me…..I followed a recipe when I should’ve just gone with my gut….Live and Learn!

Always too short(but incredibly enjoyable!) and here we are at Monday again!  Have a great week everyone!


"I struggle with my laziness…I’m always like: should I sit down and do nothing or should I lie down and do nothing?"….Jim Gaffigan

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