Weekend Update #4

Happy Monday!!!

That can only mean one thing….time for the weekend update(and the crowd goes wild!)

We are currently back living with parents due to a mold infestation in our new house!  When the cabinets were hung, the air conditioner drain pipe was hit and mold has slowly been festering behind our cabinets in the kitchen.  They finally came this week and ripped out the cabinets and the nasty dry wall but that stirred up the mold all around the house!  And so we had to move out until it’s taken care of(which is taking an extremely long time)….so therefore, we are at mom and dad’s for the time-being.  Moving on…..

It was a fairly exciting weekend, but I bet you can guess what we did Friday night….that’s right dinner out at Atlanta Bread Company(only the restaurants change….not the activity!).  Hubby was working late so we brought him some food….I crashed early as I had to be up early to get a GA driver’s license….or so I thought!

Up before dawn, driving in the pitch black fog to the DMV(called DDS here in Chatham county…thanks a lot Chatham….Steve(gps) couldn’t find it!) and got to the entrance…I was the first person there!  Sweet! Maybe this would be a quick visit after all……….

Then I saw the sign, “This and all other GA government offices are closed today in observance of the Columbus day holiday”….FAIL

Went to Kroger at 6-something in the morning with nice hair and make-up on…got home what seems like HOURS before anyone else got up and made pumpkin spice cookies(1 spice cake mix +1 can pumpkin…mix, bake at 350 for 12-18 minutes…done).

After a late breakfast(for me at least!) we headed over to do some painting.  Today was trim day for me so I had to be precise.  Somehow I still ended up looking like I wrestled with the paint brush…and lost…..

Afternoon was spent running errands and looking at guns…gah…hubby has this idea that I should be carrying a gun while running(not really a fan; we’ll see how this plays out).

Then church and dinner at Fudruckers….awwww memories of my childhood!  My grandma used to always take me to Fudruckers in Columbia when we would visit her.  I get all nostalgic just going in(course now I order the veggie burger, which amazingly is STILL as big as my face)

Sunday morning dad and I woke up early to go on a looooong run(at least long for us in the shape we’re in now) of 5.5 miles(with a couple of walk breaks thrown in there…ahem…), groceries(again..didn’t get everything I needed on Saturday); some cleaning; some relaxing; going to the house to get clothes for this week(and wow was the house very stink city…and both hubby and I were coughing and feeling so crappy being around that mold!); football watching then early to bed!

The biggest news of the weekend was that my sister got ENGAGED!  So excited to start helping her plan!

My mom’s birthday is coming up and I making her my famous chocolate ganache cake(it’s vegan too!)….so stay tuned for that recipe(if you’re good!).




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