This is what happens when you’re tired:


That would be the new toffee mocha(soy of course) and the new instant vanilla coffee…never tried them before, not a huge coffee drinker but some days…like today….I just crave it like nobodies bid’ness

Staying up late; getting up ridonculously early, waiting in lines at the DMV; cleaning up doggy sickness for your poor little doggy that looks like this:


(She’s doing better now, but gah….the messes hubby and I were cleaning up…and aren’t you glad I didn’t take a picture of that!….and staying up in the night with her….and having the other dogs have to sleep with us when we were actually sleeping cause she needed to be in the cage by herself)

Somehow when your mom calls you to let you know about the mess in the laundry room you will face upon arrival, you don’t quite believe it could be as bad as it was.  And it was bad my friend, very bad.  How that much came from that little dog…..And of course you feel horrible for her because she’s cowering in the corner thinking you’re going to punish her for going in the house….even though you know she’s so sick she couldn’t help it!

But the good news is she seems to be on the mend.  Hubby reported that she gobbled down an egg this morning and has since kept it down. And she was wagging her little nub when I took her out this am.  So let’s hope I come home to find this:

That’s my happy little girl!


“There is nothing that I wouldn’t do; to make you feel my love”…Billy Joel


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