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So I totally dropped the ball on Monday and didn’t do a weekend update!  Life, as they say, got in the way…So to get you up to speed…

Friday-supposed to go to the gym with mom after work….got a flat tire on my way home from work; couldn’t get in touch with anyone, luckily a nice man stopped and helped me change it(for the record, I know HOW to change a tire; it’s just that is was dark and he volunteered so why not!)…so no gym….

Saturday was spent at a woman’s conference listening to Liz Curtis Higgs speak…very funny….very enlightening….very recommended….then home for about an hour before we had to go BACK to church for worship.  Great sermon as usual and then we went out for Mom’s b-day.

We had planned on Thai and my mouth was watering all week just thinking of it but then the restaurant was really busy and wouldn’t even take our name just told us to “check back later” and then while we were waiting to “check back” we saw several parties as large or larger than our’s(5 people) go in and get seated…hmm…..

So we ended up at a steak house(!)….There was NOTHING on the menu for me….I asked the waiter if the chef could come up with a vegan dish for me(for the record, I am not vegan…I will on occasion eat eggs(and sometimes goat cheese) and honey and baked goods that contain butter/eggs….but I do not eat dairy as a whole so I ask for vegan meals at restaurants otherwise I’m brought a dish covered in cheese).   Anyhow, the waiter came back and said the chef would make a veggie risotto pasta thing and hubby said it sounded so good he ordered it too….OMG…it was incredible….best dish I’ve had in a long time….creamy(without cream), spicy, lots of veggies….mmmmmm….I’ll try to recreate it and get the recipe up here

Sunday was big breakfast then shopping with my sister and mom, then a disappointing pedicure…..then my sister left to head back to SC….but SHE got a flat tire(she had a blowout actually) and my dad had to go get her and bring her and her tires(one was blown the other was about to) to get new ones on Monday.  I made the vegan chocolate ganache cake…but it did not turn out the way I wanted so I will NOT be posting the least not for now.

So this week has been…ehhh….could be a lot worse though!  Aspen was seemingly much better but has had a few bad days this week so we’re keeping an eye on her….the more pressing concern is now Gracie.  She has what I believe to be a corneal abrasion and possibly bacterial conjunctivitis.  We may have to take her to a veterinary ophthalmologist soon.  I have her on an anti-biotic drop but she is in a lot of pain and can’t even open the eye so we’ll see(no pun intended….).  I will be bringing home some diagnostic equipment tonight to better take a look and make a clinical decision from there…..

Dad and I are not going to be doing the mud run on Saturday.  Dad just didn’t feel that he was ready and says we’ll do it next year….BUT…we are doing the TRICK or TROT which is a halloween race including COSTUMES!!!!  Are costumes are going to be AWESOME and HILARIOUS……

here’s a hint….there will be a coconut involved…if you know dad and I that gives it(that’s another clue!)all away…….

Pictures to be forthcoming post-race…..


“I repent of the way I believe that I’m living right, but trading sins for others that are easier to hide”…..Derek Webb


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