I wish I could think of a quirky yet cool title!


Wow, it’s been a coon’s age hasn’t it?….did I really just say that??!! Clearly Georgia is having an effect on me!


We are back in our house.  The mold issue was finally resolved and while we are still waiting for the kitchen to be finished(the countertop guys broke the granite backsplash so it has to be re-ordered and then the wall painted….then we’re back to 100%)….it’s liveable and useable!

Clearly these are the before pictures.  Soon to come will be the after pictures!

Dad and I ran a race on Halloween….stay tuned for a race report!

With the cooler weather, we had to put the two little girls in sweatshirts!

Here Gracie proudly rocks her Juicy Couture sweatshirt(that actually is Bailey’s but since Bailey is always hot, she doesn’t need it….)…..Poor Gracie, she always gets the hand-me-downs….see that plastic tupperware bowl?  That’s her food bowl…yup…she doesn’t even have a real food bowl.  We need to remedy that situation ASAP!

Aspen is demure in her camo shirt.  She actually has a sweatshirt that matches the one worn by Gracers but…well….I couldn’t find it!  So this was the only thing we had small enough for the little pooper.  And yes, if the girls seem extremely furry and fluffy it’s because they are….we’re letting their hair grow out for the winter.

Monday was an exciting day……I found some cool famous on the foodie blogs food:

That would be unsweetened plain almond milk(!), coconut milk, a thai young coconut and apples….not just any old apples either….look closer

Honeycrisp apples!!

Apples…seriously…she’s blogging about apples after being gone for two weeks…wow….

Seriously though, honeycrisp apples are the shiz nit around the bloggy food world(or so I’ve read). I’m stoked to find out what makes them so special!

But the point of all this is where I found such coveted food items….not at a specialty food store, not even at the Fresh Market(or WF, which we don’t have here)…but at…wait for it….Wal-Mart!!!  And not just any Wal-Mart…a Wal-Mart out in rural Georgia….yes, folks, in a city where deep fried butter is readily available I found such beloved(and healthy) foodie items that I had previously never been able to find, even in a food mecca like Ft. Lauderdale where I could say, hmmm….not, do I want to go to Whole Foods….but WHICH one do I want to go to?

Then last night I came home from work to find a package from amazon…woo-hoo the stuff I ordered came in:

Raw food cookbooks…or un-cookbooks as the case may be.  I perused quickly through them and omg…YUM!!  If you read my old blog you may remember how I planned to do a 30 day raw food challenge…but then that got derailed when things came together much more quickly than anticipated for moving to Georgia.  Well, now that we’re back in the house and mostly settled, I want to start incorporating more raw food into our diet and Amazon had a great price for all three of these books….so….I’ll let ya know how it goes!

Also this was in the box:

Nutritional yeast!  Am I the only one that can eat this straight from the can…ahem….

.Anyways, if you haven’t discovered this stuff yet….you are missing out!  The flavor is kind of a nutty, cheesy flavor and you get 8 grams of protein for 3 tbsp and 60 calories….take that meat!!(I originally wrote that with beat instead of take….LOL….had to change that….didn’t want people looking for porno to stumble across my blog!).  You can add this stuff to just about anything to up to protein count and add flavor….me likey!

I am off today as I am working Saturday(boo), so I have BIG plans for today in the kitchen. I hope at least 1 thing will turn out so I can publish on this blog!!!

His Peace,


“Love below me, Love around me, Love above me, Love has found me”…..Andrew Peterson


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One response to “I wish I could think of a quirky yet cool title!

  1. kdbaker05

    YAY! Glad your back. I love reading your blog, you always make me smile. 😀 I absolutely love the costumes! Where do you find nutritional yeast…I’ve never heard of it. I just got a new cookbook that I had ordered too and I was so excited. Funny to get excited about cooking when we are already so busy…oh, but I do love food!

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