2010 Trick or Trot


“You’ve go two empty halves of  coconuts and you’re banging them together!”

Yup, Dad and I ran the Trick or Trot fully decked out as King Arthur and Patsy.

Before I asked Dad if he would be willing to do a costumed run, I knew I had to come up with something he’d love to do.  I knew it had to be funny…and what’s funnier than Monty Python?

The costumes were rather easy to pull together.  Our tunics were made out of an old sheet…I just quickly cut them out and used some acrylic paint to create the suns on our tunics and dad’s flag. My crown I cut out of cardboard and dad spray painted it with silver pain.  Dad cut the coconut in half and hollowed it out.  We wrapped extra sheet pieces around his backpack and attached the flag to a long stake which Dad taped to his pack.

For my chain mail I purchased 3/4 of a yard of this sparkly silver material on clearance and cut out enough to put on my head and sleeves which I pinned to the shirt I had on underneath my tunic.

Sword/shield were purchased for $5 from Wal-Mart and I drew the beard on with waterproof eyeliner.

Luckily for us, the morning of the race dawned cool; otherwise we would’ve died of heat stroke in with all those layers(this pic was after we got home…Dad actually had a long-sleeved shirt on during the race).

After some last minute adjustments to our costumes we headed off.  I was disappointed to see lots of racers NOT in costume. I kind of had the idea that costumes were more or less mandatory.

Of the other runners in costume, there were a few stand-outs: a group of 5 were dressed as the four ninja turtles and a piece of pizza!

Also, the prize for the cutest costume goes to the family who did a Batman theme.  Dad was Robin; mom was cat-woman; baby in the stroller was batman.  Dad had created cardboard cut-outs on the side of the stroller to make it look like the Bat-Mobile…score!

People were laughing when they realized who we were and some would come up to quote lines from the movie.

The race was rather uneventful…It wasn’t chip-timed and since we were rather laden with costume accouterments, we weren’t exactly racing!  At some point in the race, my sword worked it’s way out of my belt and I had to pick it up, losing a few seconds.  Dad kept up the coconut banging for at least half the race and we had the theme music playing on my nano.  I was expecting a finish around 31-33 minutes given that we felt as if we were going at a fairly easy pace….

Imagine my surprise when we crossed before 30 minutes; somewhere in the realm of 29:30 or so…not much off from our race the month before when I thought I was gonna die!

We were not lapped by any of the 10k-ers(they just did the 5k course twice) so at least we weren’t so slow that the elite 10k’ers finished before our 5k!

We stuck around for the awards and ta-da…we won first place!  We got some really random prizes…halloween themed headbands and a child’s wizzard cape….oooookaaaaay……But we did get a lot of free stuff that was being handed out…candy….bread…good food…ect….

Given that we finished 50 and 51 I thought *maybe* one of us might have placed in our age…but no such luck….however, they only went up to 2nd place…so maybe we got third??

Either way, we had a fab time, lots of laughs and memories for years!  Dad later told me I’m the only person in the world he would’ve done a costumed race with!


“You know much that is hidden oh Tim”…Monty Python and the Holy Grail


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