The name’s Aspen and I’m the smallest dog in my family even though I’m not the youngest.  I only weigh about 4.5 pounds, but don’t let my small stature fool you…I’m one tough cookie!  Mommy and daddy call me a hunter because I always try to chase the ducks and hunt roaches.

I’m three years old and I’m a yorkie-poo.  People say I look like a stuffed animal because I’m so cute.  I LOVE to cuddle and be petted.  Mommy says I am the calmest dog she’s ever seen; even when I was a puppy I would just lay in your lap.  I’m very well behaved, except in one area: potty-training.  I still haven’t managed to master the whole “poop outside” thing so mommy and daddy started calling me Pooper and now I will answer to that name as well as Aspen!!

Everyone I meet seems to think I’m still a puppy!!  Everybody wants to take me home with them when they see how cute I am and how calm and cuddly I behave!  But mom and dad say that I am priceless!!  Mommy wants to get me started as a therapy dog for people in the hospital.

Probably my favorite thing to do outside of cuddling is making my squeaky toys squeak.

I am scared of little kids and sometimes my sisters gang up on me because they’re so much bigger than me!  I hate getting my hair cut but mommy has to do it a lot because it grows so quickly!  I am very fluffy!!!

I have two favorite people: my mommy and my grandma.  I’m pretty happy if I’m sitting in either one of their laps.

See ya around!!

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