The name’s Bailey.  I’m a 4 year old Bichon/Papillion mix and I weigh 10.5 pounds.  I was the first dog that mommy and daddy got and boy was I trouble when I was a puppy.  Mommy about tore her hair out over my bad behavior!

I’m a stubborn, strong willed little girl and I have energy to spare!  Mommy thinks I have ADD because I can’t pay attention to anything for very long.  Mommy also keeps calling me neurotic and says I have lots of anxiety, but I don’t know what that means!  I don’t like riding in the car and I HATE thunderstorms, so I cry a lot when either of those things happen.  I also hate haircuts, but I’m okay with baths and sometimes I let mommy know I want a bath by jumping into the bathtub.

I love to play fetch and wrestle with my sisters but sometimes my sister Gracie is too rough.  I’m not very good at walking on the leash because I run back and forth and get really excited whenever I see any fun people or animals!  A girl can’t help being a social butterfly!

When I was a puppy I had dark patches over my left eye and my ears, but now that I’m all grown up I am pretty much all white.  People always ask mommy if I am a Maltese because I guess I really look like one.

I’m a really smart girl according to my Mommy and I remember things well.

My daddy is my favorite person in the whole wide world and my ears perk up when I hear mommy talk to him on the phone when he’s at work or away.



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