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So yesterday I had to drive with my air conditioning running

And today I needed my heater.  Oh and it might freeze tonight.

That is weird.


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Dream Baby

My life’s aspiration once was to become a mother.  I was “that kid”-you know the one that carted my baby-doll around everywhere I went.  I even put real baby clothes and diapers on my doll

Ps-those glasses are actual size..not an exaggeration…I liked to roll with Sally Jesse Rapheal.

Anywooo….Baby-dolls were an okay substitute but I dreamed of the day when I’d have a little bundle of love muffini-ness all to myself…oh and my husband….but I didn’t ever dream that far.  It was all baby for me; husband wasn’t even a fleeting thought in my little 11 year old mind.

I had everything planned out:  name(Alexandria…because you could shorten it to Alex or Alexis which I thought was **so** cool), gender(duh…female).  I also wanted my baby to be small, because I’ve always liked small things.

I figured the best way to meet this objective was to have a premie.  Of course I didn’t consider all the repercussions that would have and how that was the last thing you wanted for your child….this was a selfish 11 year old’s fantasy!

Also, I wanted my baby to be black.

Black babies are cuter than white babies.  Them there are just the facts.

It didn’t matter to me that I was whiter than Casper after he’s been scared.  I wanted to have a little black baby to call my very own.


I sort of forgot about this dream after I grew up and gained a little sense….Also my hubby is almost as white as me.








See…I drew a picture of us but you can’t see it because we’re so white we blend it with the background!

Anyhoo…Yesterday my dream walked into my life.  My last patient of the day was a lovely young family who had in their position a very small, very beautiful black baby!!  He had one mark against him…being male and all….but 2/3 ain’t bad!

I really didn’t know that is was possible for such a dream to come true…..I  began making a plan for how I would come to acquire this little bundle of dream joy!

I thought about pulling a “I didn’t know I was pregnant…I went to the bathroom and this came out!”  But I quickly realized that wasn’t very realistic.  People might start to question how two of the whitest people on the planet could have a black baby.

“look what I found…can I keep it?”  didn’t seem feasible either.  Who would leave a baby that cute lying around?

Maybe I could smuggle it into my house and keep it secret from everyone?  Nope, stupid idea.

In the end I decided that the parents of my dream baby were probably pretty happy being parents of said baby and might take it a little rough if their new baby suddenly disappeared.

And that is the story of how I saw and lost my dream baby all in one very short time period.



ps-how did you like this new style of blog post?  I’m trying to broaden my wings and have more fun with my blog.  I’ve been inspired by some comedy drawing blogs I’ve been reading lately.

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