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Happy New Year!!

This post is way delayed….I meant to have my new blog up and running on January 1… 5 days later here I am!

Hubby and I have been very sick with pneumonia so that’s my excuse! But the new blog is up and running, it’s a bit more stream-lined than this one(only 1 dog page, not three) and I think over-all, it’s going to be a better endeavor.  I hope any readers will follow me over to my new blog, because anything you liked on this blog will still be around and hopefully better!!

Flight of the Penguin

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Are coming your way!!

Lots of changes are happening in my life right now.  2011 is going to bring lots of newness to my life.  New job, new hours at my job, new workout plan, new outlook on life…and with all these changes…a new blog!  I’ve not been very happy with how I’ve handled this blog and it’s jumped around so much there is no concurrent theme.  I don’t want my blog to be just a journal where I say, today I did this and this and this.

Every blog has to have a niche and while I don’t know that mine will be any different than the billions already out there I hope that my readers of this blog will head over to my new blog and that I was gain more readers as a result.

Life has been stressful to say the least.  My current job has not been what I thought it would be.  Nothing negative about my current practice location, but it just isn’t working for me. It’s not my style of practice, plus the commute and the hours are terrible.  I’ve found a new job with much better hours, much better commute(less than half the distance of my current one) and the mode of practice seems to align much better with how I would run my own practice.  I am very excited about my new job, but I will miss many of the people in my current one.

The stresses of my job and the commute have left me so drained I have had little time or energy for working out or running and this is not how I want my life to be.  With the new year and new job I plan to jump right back into fitness with a vigor!

My interests are varied: I love art, photography, fitness, running, yoga and cooking.  I hope to incorporate all these into my blog, along with lots of pictures(I got a new camera for Christmas)…of course all with a touch of humor.

My readers from MFhers will recognize the name of my new blog as I have already used it as the name of my journal, but it describes my running so well, “Flight of the Penguin”.  Being a back of the pack slow runner I find myself relating to being called a penguin runner, so there you have that.  I also think that it is catchy and easy to remember and I can have a cute header with a running penguin(lol).  I want to concentrate a lot more on my running and training and share funny running stories, training tips and race recaps with you as well as recipes, photos and arty things I have done(even though I am by no means a great artist, I still love it!!)

My goal is to have the new blog up and running on January 1, 2011. Stay tuned for the address and please add my new blog to your blog reader….I will add your’s too!



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So yesterday I had to drive with my air conditioning running

And today I needed my heater.  Oh and it might freeze tonight.

That is weird.


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Savannah in Pictures


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2010 Trick or Trot


“You’ve go two empty halves of  coconuts and you’re banging them together!”

Yup, Dad and I ran the Trick or Trot fully decked out as King Arthur and Patsy.

Before I asked Dad if he would be willing to do a costumed run, I knew I had to come up with something he’d love to do.  I knew it had to be funny…and what’s funnier than Monty Python?

The costumes were rather easy to pull together.  Our tunics were made out of an old sheet…I just quickly cut them out and used some acrylic paint to create the suns on our tunics and dad’s flag. My crown I cut out of cardboard and dad spray painted it with silver pain.  Dad cut the coconut in half and hollowed it out.  We wrapped extra sheet pieces around his backpack and attached the flag to a long stake which Dad taped to his pack.

For my chain mail I purchased 3/4 of a yard of this sparkly silver material on clearance and cut out enough to put on my head and sleeves which I pinned to the shirt I had on underneath my tunic.

Sword/shield were purchased for $5 from Wal-Mart and I drew the beard on with waterproof eyeliner.

Luckily for us, the morning of the race dawned cool; otherwise we would’ve died of heat stroke in with all those layers(this pic was after we got home…Dad actually had a long-sleeved shirt on during the race).

After some last minute adjustments to our costumes we headed off.  I was disappointed to see lots of racers NOT in costume. I kind of had the idea that costumes were more or less mandatory.

Of the other runners in costume, there were a few stand-outs: a group of 5 were dressed as the four ninja turtles and a piece of pizza!

Also, the prize for the cutest costume goes to the family who did a Batman theme.  Dad was Robin; mom was cat-woman; baby in the stroller was batman.  Dad had created cardboard cut-outs on the side of the stroller to make it look like the Bat-Mobile…score!

People were laughing when they realized who we were and some would come up to quote lines from the movie.

The race was rather uneventful…It wasn’t chip-timed and since we were rather laden with costume accouterments, we weren’t exactly racing!  At some point in the race, my sword worked it’s way out of my belt and I had to pick it up, losing a few seconds.  Dad kept up the coconut banging for at least half the race and we had the theme music playing on my nano.  I was expecting a finish around 31-33 minutes given that we felt as if we were going at a fairly easy pace….

Imagine my surprise when we crossed before 30 minutes; somewhere in the realm of 29:30 or so…not much off from our race the month before when I thought I was gonna die!

We were not lapped by any of the 10k-ers(they just did the 5k course twice) so at least we weren’t so slow that the elite 10k’ers finished before our 5k!

We stuck around for the awards and ta-da…we won first place!  We got some really random prizes…halloween themed headbands and a child’s wizzard cape….oooookaaaaay……But we did get a lot of free stuff that was being handed out…candy….bread…good food…ect….

Given that we finished 50 and 51 I thought *maybe* one of us might have placed in our age…but no such luck….however, they only went up to 2nd place…so maybe we got third??

Either way, we had a fab time, lots of laughs and memories for years!  Dad later told me I’m the only person in the world he would’ve done a costumed race with!


“You know much that is hidden oh Tim”…Monty Python and the Holy Grail

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I wish I could think of a quirky yet cool title!


Wow, it’s been a coon’s age hasn’t it?….did I really just say that??!! Clearly Georgia is having an effect on me!


We are back in our house.  The mold issue was finally resolved and while we are still waiting for the kitchen to be finished(the countertop guys broke the granite backsplash so it has to be re-ordered and then the wall painted….then we’re back to 100%)….it’s liveable and useable!

Clearly these are the before pictures.  Soon to come will be the after pictures!

Dad and I ran a race on Halloween….stay tuned for a race report!

With the cooler weather, we had to put the two little girls in sweatshirts!

Here Gracie proudly rocks her Juicy Couture sweatshirt(that actually is Bailey’s but since Bailey is always hot, she doesn’t need it….)…..Poor Gracie, she always gets the hand-me-downs….see that plastic tupperware bowl?  That’s her food bowl…yup…she doesn’t even have a real food bowl.  We need to remedy that situation ASAP!

Aspen is demure in her camo shirt.  She actually has a sweatshirt that matches the one worn by Gracers but…well….I couldn’t find it!  So this was the only thing we had small enough for the little pooper.  And yes, if the girls seem extremely furry and fluffy it’s because they are….we’re letting their hair grow out for the winter.

Monday was an exciting day……I found some cool famous on the foodie blogs food:

That would be unsweetened plain almond milk(!), coconut milk, a thai young coconut and apples….not just any old apples either….look closer

Honeycrisp apples!!

Apples…seriously…she’s blogging about apples after being gone for two weeks…wow….

Seriously though, honeycrisp apples are the shiz nit around the bloggy food world(or so I’ve read). I’m stoked to find out what makes them so special!

But the point of all this is where I found such coveted food items….not at a specialty food store, not even at the Fresh Market(or WF, which we don’t have here)…but at…wait for it….Wal-Mart!!!  And not just any Wal-Mart…a Wal-Mart out in rural Georgia….yes, folks, in a city where deep fried butter is readily available I found such beloved(and healthy) foodie items that I had previously never been able to find, even in a food mecca like Ft. Lauderdale where I could say, hmmm….not, do I want to go to Whole Foods….but WHICH one do I want to go to?

Then last night I came home from work to find a package from amazon…woo-hoo the stuff I ordered came in:

Raw food cookbooks…or un-cookbooks as the case may be.  I perused quickly through them and omg…YUM!!  If you read my old blog you may remember how I planned to do a 30 day raw food challenge…but then that got derailed when things came together much more quickly than anticipated for moving to Georgia.  Well, now that we’re back in the house and mostly settled, I want to start incorporating more raw food into our diet and Amazon had a great price for all three of these books….so….I’ll let ya know how it goes!

Also this was in the box:

Nutritional yeast!  Am I the only one that can eat this straight from the can…ahem….

.Anyways, if you haven’t discovered this stuff yet….you are missing out!  The flavor is kind of a nutty, cheesy flavor and you get 8 grams of protein for 3 tbsp and 60 calories….take that meat!!(I originally wrote that with beat instead of take….LOL….had to change that….didn’t want people looking for porno to stumble across my blog!).  You can add this stuff to just about anything to up to protein count and add flavor….me likey!

I am off today as I am working Saturday(boo), so I have BIG plans for today in the kitchen. I hope at least 1 thing will turn out so I can publish on this blog!!!

His Peace,


“Love below me, Love around me, Love above me, Love has found me”…..Andrew Peterson

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This is what happens when you’re tired:


That would be the new toffee mocha(soy of course) and the new instant vanilla coffee…never tried them before, not a huge coffee drinker but some days…like today….I just crave it like nobodies bid’ness

Staying up late; getting up ridonculously early, waiting in lines at the DMV; cleaning up doggy sickness for your poor little doggy that looks like this:


(She’s doing better now, but gah….the messes hubby and I were cleaning up…and aren’t you glad I didn’t take a picture of that!….and staying up in the night with her….and having the other dogs have to sleep with us when we were actually sleeping cause she needed to be in the cage by herself)

Somehow when your mom calls you to let you know about the mess in the laundry room you will face upon arrival, you don’t quite believe it could be as bad as it was.  And it was bad my friend, very bad.  How that much came from that little dog…..And of course you feel horrible for her because she’s cowering in the corner thinking you’re going to punish her for going in the house….even though you know she’s so sick she couldn’t help it!

But the good news is she seems to be on the mend.  Hubby reported that she gobbled down an egg this morning and has since kept it down. And she was wagging her little nub when I took her out this am.  So let’s hope I come home to find this:

That’s my happy little girl!


“There is nothing that I wouldn’t do; to make you feel my love”…Billy Joel


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