I’m GRACIE and I’m the youngest and I can’t stop moving!! Mommy says I’m very hyper!  I can jump really high and I love to run with Mommy, though she’s a little to slow for my taste.  I have really long legs so Mommy and Daddy call me spider monkey.  My legs make me really tall.  I am taller than Bailey even though she outweighs me by more than 3 pounds!

I am a true mutt, as I am a mix between a yorkie, a maltese and a poodle.  Surprisingly enough I am jet black coming from dogs who weren’t black!!  Mommy says the story behind my name is a cool one.  I was the first puppy born in my litter and I wasn’t breathing.  They thought I was a goner, but after some chest massages and prayers I started breathing and came back to life….so I was named Gracie because it was by the Grace of God that I’m here today!

Mommy and daddy weren’t really planning to get a third dog but then they got me from some friends who didn’t mean to have puppies….

I LOVE to play with my sisters.  My favorite game is keep-away.  I am a much faster runner than my older sisters so I love to get a toy and taunt them with it and then run away all over the house letting them chase me.  I can be kind of aggressive and mommy says I’m a bully so I get time-out a lot. Grandma says maybe it’s just cause I’m still young(I just turned 1 year).

I am a mommy’s girl through and through.  Mommy and I developed a close bond when she took me with her to externship in Tampa.  I loved it in Tampa because I got to spend so much time with Mommy and I had a second mommy(my mommy’s roomate Jen) and a best friend named Dakota(Jen’s chocolate lab).  Mommy and Jen laughed and laughed at me when I would play with Dakota because she weighed 80 pounds more than me…but I didn’t care…we were having fun!

Time to go PLAY!!!

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