Make-over my House!

Hey! So glad you clicked on over to this page! I’ve decided to create a space where I can share the changes/projects/designs I do to make my house look more like a home. In addition, I’ll be detailing HOW to do the same things for your own home(for little decorative art projects), obviously I won’t detail how to put down a wood floor or something like that!)/COSTS/TIME involved. Stay tuned for updates!

Make-over My Entry Way!

This is my entry way:

Not bad, but could use a little pizzaz don’t you think? Ps…sorry for the dark grainy quality of this photo. My point and shoot literally DIED at the start of this little project so I had to pull out the DSLR which takes fab pics but unfortunately the zoom lens is broken, such that it still takes pictures but they are very dark…..So I used the external flash and lots of overhead lights and photoshop to lighten it but it’s still not perfect. Anyhoo….

I decided I wanted a floral arrangement to sit on either side of the picture, but since maintaining fresh cut flowers is a not only a pain but freaking expensive too, I wanted silk flowers, but not cheesy ones that would look 100% fake, but ones that you could almost think were real.  After a trip to Hobby Lobby and their 50% sale I came home with this:

Two square squatty little vases, some fake flowers in green to match my house colors, unpictured green ribbon(cause I didn’t know I was going to be using the ribbon for this…lol) and unpictured stones.  Using wire cutters, remove the leaves from the fake flowers, then turn the vase on it’s size to measure how long you want the stem of the flowers to be(I wanted the flower part to be just at the edge of the vase so I cut them to that length)

Pour in your rocks to the level you want and then arrange your flowers , making sure to get the tip of the stem all the way to the bottom of the vase.  Now I had planned to stop here, but because I only used 3 stems due to the fluffy full nature of my flowers, it looked kinda cheesy, so I grabbed some ribbon and glued it around the vase to dress it up/cover my stems:

Measuring the ribbon(pre-glue)

After glueing in place.  Wash rinse repeat to get another one and voila:


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